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Taylor SR Redline Lawn Bowls

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Standard delivery time is approximately 7-10 working days.  Customised stock can be sourced from Scotland, allow 8-9 weeks for delivery in this case.

Please note, we source directly from our supplier.  There is only one supplier of Taylor Bowls in New Zealand - they supply the various sports stores and agents with their brand.  So, with these stores all sourcing from the one supplier, it is very hard to keep on top of what bowls are in stock on a day to day basis.  We suggest you contact us first, before ordering, so we can double check on what size and colours are actually available for sale.  We have left all bowls and sizes in stock, for this reason, so please check first.

About the product:


The best selling Redline-SR has returned with all the winning features you would expect from the leaders in bowls innovation. • Championship winning bias retained. • Suitable for grass and artificial greens with speeds ranging from 12 - 20 seconds. • Crescent shaped grip, for a sure, confident hold. There are several colours and sizes available, all with differing motifs. Please contact us to enquire as to availability. • Available in four colours Flame Dark Blue Maroon Blue Sizes 1,2,3,4 Heavy weight only.


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