Pro Kennex Blast Tennis Racket - 27"

Size Guide


Excellent value for money entry level racket – ideal for both secondary school or entry level club play. Aluminium construction.

The correct grip size is essential when ordering a new racket. How to determine the right size? Hold your racket in the standard ‘Eastern Forehand Grip’ and keep the head vertical. Place your thumb on the handle. When you have the correct grip size, your index finger of your other hand should be able to fit in between the ring finger and palm of the hand with which you’re holding the racket. If there isn’t enough room to place your index finger, your grip is too small. If there’s room left, the grip is too large.

  • Grip SL2 = 4 1/4 inches = 10,80cm to 11,10cm
  • Grip SL3 = 4 3/8 inches = 11,11cm to 11,42cm

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