Tennis: Steps to Success

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Master the essential skills, take the court with confidence, and ace the competition! Tennis: Steps to Success provides in-depth, progressive instruction and accompanying full-color photos for each stroke. From forehand to backhand, serve to volley, this popular guide has you covered. Practice and improve those techniques with more than 80 drills that feature a unique scoring system to gauge and accelerate your progress. After mastering the skills, add tactical knowledge to make the right shots in match situations and achieve on-the-court success. You’ll learn how to neutralize your opponent’s strengths, recognize weaknesses, force errors, and capitalize on every opportunity. Whether playing singles or doubles, you’ll have the skills, strategies, and confidence to ace the competition. Become the player you always wanted to be. As part of the popular Steps to Success Series, which has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, Tennis: Steps to Success will take your performance to new heights in all facets of the game. Contents Climbing the Steps to Tennis Success The Sport of Tennis Key to DiagramsStep 1 Forehands: Controlling the Rally Step 2 Backhands: Developing a Weapon Step 3 Serves: Taking the Offensive Step 4 Volleys: Forcing the Action Step 5 Half Volleys: Getting Out of Trouble Step 6 Lobs: Changing the Pace Step 7 Overhead Smashes: Hitting the Put-Away Step 8 Drop Shots: Disguising Your Intentions Step 9 Singles Tactics: Playing Your Game Step 10 Doubles Tactics: Playing as a Team Step 11 Special Situations: Managing the Match Preventing Tennis Injuries Resources Glossary About the Authors

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