Table Tennis: Steps to Success

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Step up to table tennis success! Table Tennis: Steps to Success combines the knowledge and experience of master instructor Richard McAfee with essential table tennis techniques and strategies for today’s player. With a unique 11-step approach designed to maximize table tennis instruction, you’ll learn the proper grip for your style of play, execution of the basic strokes, and the correct way to apply spin to the ball. Then, build on these core techniques with masterful footwork, serves, returns, and stroke combinations. Best of all, learn how and when to apply those skills in match play. With competitive strategies—adapted for both you and your opponent’s playing style—you’ll raise your game to a new level. And with clear instruction, comprehensive coverage, detailed photo sequences, and drills to ensure mastery of every technique, you’ll be playing—and winning—in no time. As part of the Steps to Success Sports Series—with more than 1.5 million copies sold—rest assured that Table Tennis: Steps to Success is the #1 resource for learning, and loving, the game. Contents Climbing the Steps to Table Tennis Success The Sport of Table Tennis Key to DiagramsStep 1. Preparing to Play Step 2. Hitting Drive Strokes Step 3. Understanding Spin and Footwork Step 4. Executing Spin Strokes Step 5. Serving Step 6. Returning Serve Step 7. Using the Five-Ball Training System Step 8. Understanding Styles of Play and Tactics Step 9. Playing Intermediate Strokes Step 10. Performing Intermediate Serves Step 11. Competing Successfully in Tournaments Glossary About the Author

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