Swimming: Steps to Success

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Become more fluid in the water with Swimming: Steps to Success. This comprehensive guide provides progressive instruction to help you master several swimming strokes and skills: backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, back crawl, trudgen, floating, diving, sculling, and underwater swimming. Step-by-step instruction and 195 illustrations break down each stroke to the basic arm and leg movements and their timing. The multiple drills in each step include a scoring system to gauge success and determine readiness to advance to the next skill. Part of the highly successful Steps to Success Series, with more than 1.5 million copies sold, Swimming: Steps to Success is the best tool for learning to swim at your own pace and an excellent resource for mastering skills through the advanced level. Contents Step 1. Buoyancy and Back Float Step 2. Basic Backstroke Step 3. Prone Float and Crawl Kick Step 4. Crawl Stroke and Breathing Step 5. Breaststroke Step 6. Sidestroke Step 7. Back Crawl Stroke Step 8. Butterfly Stroke Step 9. Trudgen Strokes Step 10. Surface Dives and Underwater Swimming Step 11. Standing and Kneeling Dives Step 12. Universal Sculling Step 13. Additional Strokes, Stunts, and Games

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