Soccer: Steps to Success 4E

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Master key techniques on the soccer field with Soccer: Steps to Success. This comprehensive guide features step-by-step instruction on becoming skilled in individual techniques and team tactics.Improve your abilities in dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, defending, tackling, heading, and goalkeeping with the help of detailed descriptions and full-color photos and illustrations of all fundamental techniques. Then learn how and when to apply those skills in game situations, such as winning one-on-one matchups, attacking, and defending. More than 170 exercises and small-sided games test your readiness to progress to the next step through the use of an easy-to-follow scoring system. Become a total player able to perform a variety of skills and execute tactics consistently. One of the sport’s most popular resources, Soccer: Steps to Success has helped more than 100,000 players take their game to the next level. Contents Climbing the Steps to Soccer Success Acknowledgments The Sport of Soccer Keys to Diagrams Step 1 Dribbling, Shielding, and Tackling Step 2 Passing and Receiving Rolling Balls Step 3 Passing and Receiving Flighted Balls Step 4 Dominating the Air Game Step 5 Shooting to Finish the Attack Step 6 Goalkeeping Step 7 Winning One-on-One Matchups Step 8 Attacking As a Group Step 9 Defending As a Group Step 10 Attacking As a Team Step 11 Defending As a Team Step 12 Understanding Player Formations, Roles, and Responsibilities About the Author

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